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Just bought a Dell Precision 380 Workstation (£50.00) from a computer market for my little girl and is in need of upgrading. ... n_spec.pdf

This is the spec at the moment:

BTX Motherboard Socket 775
Intel Pentium 4 core duo 3ghz processor
4gb ddr2 memory
Nvidia 128mb graphics cards
160gb + 500GB hard drives

This needs to be upgraded and at the moment I am struggling to find a processor upgrade for the motherboard.

I was thinking of getting a replacement motherboard possibly a Dell Precision 390 Workstation motherboard. ... 390_en.pdf

If I'm not mistaken this should take a Intel core 2 duo E7600 processor overclocked to 3.5ghz

so the motherboard must be BTX capable of using DDR2 memory and a top end processor.


Any helpful information would be grateful.

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  1. Does any one know if a BTX quad core motherboard will go in my case and if so where can I get one - Thanks

  2. atiq said:
    Does any one know if a BTX quad core motherboard will go in my case and if so where can I get one - Thanks


    If you're asking about the Intel Core 2 Quad processor, I don't think you have to replace the motherboard... what you need to look for in processors, is that they are of the same Buss Speed which in your case, your motherboard must be from 800-MHz to 1066-MHz, other characteristics you should take into acccount, are the VID Voltage Range which is the Quad Core processor's power requirements (1.5V), and Max TDP or 105W maximum watts the processor would use... if the motherboard meets these requirements or you if you can configure the BIOS to meet the voltage requirement, you could install either the Q6600 or Q6700 versions of the Core 2 Quad processor...

    I would suggest you install a Hardware Information application to get your complete motherboard's specifications.... Once you have this information on hand... you should be able to replace the processor with the best available and compatible processor for your motherboard and RAM

    Check the zip file I uploaded where I included an Excel sheet I already had on some Intel 775 processors, and updated with more information you should find usefull. I also included a text file with comments on the Intel 775 processor line as best I understand it, hope you find it usefull.

    Excuse my limited english
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