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I am having stability issues with my AMD Phenom II X2 555 Dual Core, 3200MHz, socket AM3, when i try to unlock it on my mobo:Gigabyte M52LT-D3. it freezez when i start prime 95, or even when i use the rating system of win 7, it just freezez.
The problem is that i had to build two systems so, first, i have thoroughly tested this cpu on an asus mobo before, and it worked perfectly, i was forced to get this mobo because the asus one was out of stock, and gigabyte said it suports my processor and core unlocking.
I have sent gigabyte some emails and their answer was that they don,t guarantee core unlocking, but as i said there is nothing wrong with my cpu, any advice or ideas would be apreciated.
ps i am new at this core unlocking so maybe some step by step instructions would be very appreciated
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  1. Try bumping up the cpu voltage on the gigabyte board. That's about all you can do.
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