Is this a good router?
Rosewill 802.11 N router, I'm with a G router which I hear N can be 10 times faster :??:

So should I get this router or is there a reason its on sale for 20
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  1. Read the reviews and I answered my own, it's really bad.

    Can anyone recommend a >50-40 N Router thats good?

    has been a outstanding performer for me. the version they have of dd-wrt on it has been rock solid, have 2 wired connections and 4 wireless connections in the house. stream hd video to one of the wireless connections over 30 ft away downstairs and through to walls... it pushes thru 1080 video no problems.

    p.s. use the pre installed dd-wrt software on the router firmware.... dont change it to the buffalo branded firmware on the disk in the box.
  3. I got this one in a black Friday sale last year for $39.99

    I have never had to reset/reboot it. It never drops connections. It's been perfect - way better than the parade of Netgear and Linksys that came before it.
  4. Thanks Archer yours looks nice, Dougie your link doesnt work.
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