460: 1GB 256 vs 768MB 192

So, I'm trying to figure out of the $60ish price difference is worth it. Has a site like Tom's done an article comparing the two?
Also Palit has a 2GB model for $220 on newegg right now. But after having two GPUs die on me in under 3 years, I'm kind of scared to go with a manu I've never heard of. Their warranty is the shortest too.

Also, bonus question. What's your preferred manufacturer? I'm leaning towards Asus.
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  1. If you play at resolutions like 1920x1080 or higher,then go with 1GB because some games benefit from it, but if you play at lower resolutions then 768MB suffices.
  2. Yup, 1GB version are more powerful than 768MB version. :)
    ASUS, EVGA, Gigabyte are a good brands.
  3. I much rather have the 1GB editions even if I were stuck with two crummy crt screen and I am. I bought the Gigabyte version and 1GB comes in handy when bloated texture pack mods are being used or playing multiple instances of wow at once. Then there is small performance differences.
  4. 1680x1050, I used to game at that. You'll want at least a gig of video memory and sometimes you'll need a little more..... If card makers would put a gig and a half on cards as a norm all we would have to worry about for a good while is video card processor and memory speed.
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