Core cell MSI comp [possible board issue?]

The computer which stores the surveillance camera data for a store I work for is broken. It has a 400W PSU and a pretty decent setup for what it does. The motherboard is a "Core-Cell" by MSI its the N1996. There seems to be a few problems with the boot-up:
First, it often does not turn on at all. When this happens, I re-boot the power supply with the paper-clip test and afterwards it turns on fine. When windows starts to load, I select normal start-up. However, as windows is loading start-up it freezes. This forces me to force turn-off the computer. When I restart into safe mode, the computer turns on fine. So this start-up problem is confusing me, I want to say it's the PSU causing the problem because of the power problem, but then windows pulls boot problem this and it gets confusing. Any ideas?
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  2. So I tried a system restore just for the heck of it (did paper clip trick and then booted in safe mode) The system then got to XP load screen then the screen when black with the computer running for about 10 seconds then it shut off by itself. Ideas?
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