Add a 4770 for crossfire, or buy a new 5770?

Hello all,

I will be building a nw computer shortly, and need some advice. My current system:

AMD Athlon64 4000 single core
2 GB DDR400 dual channel
ASUS a8ve-se Mobo
HD4770 XFX 512 MB video card

I will be getting a new mobo/cpu/ram - probably an athlonII x3 RANA 440 (newegg 75$) and I was looking at the ASrock board from the budget build.
It has an AMD770 chipset, two pci-e 2.0, one at 16x one at 4x. Here is my question:

Should I add another 4770 and crossfire them, or just wait and buy a new card? The 5770's are around 130$ after rebates. the 4770 is disc from newegg, but availale elsehwere oon the web at 109$ (the price I paid in january for one)

I will be playing at 1440X900 on a 20" widescreen, and I would like to "futureproof" in case I get and HD tv and play in 1080P, but for now 1440X900 is as high as i go. I would like to be abel to max out the detail settings for games at this resolution.

Is there a particular chipset that is best with the 4770 in crossfire? The mobo I am looking at is about 60$, I can spend abot 100-125 on a mobo, should I be looking at a better board? Is crossfire worth the extra card? is x16/x4 any worse than x8/x8 with the 4770?
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  1. I'd spend a few more bucks and get the ASRock 870 Extreme 3. A 4x PCIe 2.0 slot is going to hamper any Crossfire configuration. You'd also get a really good board with some great features.

    Definitely get the 5770. $110 for an obsolete card is obscene. You could get the HD 5750 for less than that and still have better performance. You'd also be able to add a second one later and max out the details at 1080p when you upgrade.
  2. Buy a single newer card.
  3. Ok so your new build is good, the rana is a great budget CPU. And that board is perfectly fine, MadAdmiral is partially correct but the difference in performance in CF is hardly noticeable. That 770 is good enough.

    Here's the proof that 16x/8x to 16x/4x is not a big difference:

    Anyway, the 5770 you'll see a somewhat to big performance increase from the 4770. So go with a new 5770. If you want ram suggestions, I recommend Mushkin Enhanced Blackline ram, it's great timings and good heatsink makes it a great budget ram.

    Another CPU option if you have money in the budget is going for a AMD Phenom II X3 740, it is an OEM cpu so you'll have to get a HSF (which is fairly cheap). The reason this is such a great chip, you have the chance to unlock an extra core (the chance imo is greater than unlocking the rana's extra core), It's unlocked and easy to overclock and is a bit faster than the Rana. For 25ish dollars you could get a Hyper 212+ that is a beast cooler for a cheap price and allow you to OC that 740 real good. So total it'd run you about 111$. Still just a suggestion.

    Phenom II X3 740 VS Athlon II X3 440 (The comparison isn't of the 740 but you get an idea, the performance difference isn't large but you might just get that CPU that'll unlock) :
  4. The number of lanes makes a difference in crossfire. Having a 16x lane and a 4x lane is alot worse than having two 8x lanes for two cards in crossfire. What aznshinobi points out only refers to a single card. The results can vary greatly when it comes to crossfire,6.html

    Anyway .... you already have one 4770 so yes you should get another one as two such cards in Crossfire will generally provide more performance than a single 5770. As for the motherboard you should go with something more like

    ASRock M3A785GXH

    or this

    ASRock 870 EXTREME3
  5. I decided to go with the ASrock extreme board.

    And the Rana 445 - I will try to unlock the fourth core. There was a combo deal with a 2.8 Ghz Phenom x4, but I like to gamble, and figured its better to have three faster cores than four slower cores anyway.

    with some G skill RAM

    And a 9$ tube of thermal grease. Total with a few promo codes came to $252.96! (I sprung for the 2.99 rush shipping fee :bounce: )

    I have a rather large heatsink from my current build that I will be using instead of the stock cooler as long as it fits. I belive the 939/am/am2/etc all use similiar mounts - if not I have a spare mount I can use.

    I'm probably going to stick with my lone 4770 for now. I will put it all together and see how it runs. If i'm not impressed I will drop the other 130 on the 5770 - seems like the best value for the money at the moment. I'll post my results after all the parts arrive
  6. Ermm... Why would get another 4770? When he could get a single 5770 now and CF later into a much better performing system for graphics?

    Anyway... Even if that is for single card, it can be applied for Crossfire... I mean here is proof...

    Although it isn't 16x/8x 16x/4x it is 16x/16x vs 8x/8x you barely even notice an FPS difference is what AnAndTech said.
  7. if you can swing the extra, a 768 MB Model GTX 460 is better than a 5770 and runs about $150. at $180 you have the 1GB model along with the 6850.
  8. Well Screwy, OP said he wants to CF/SLI later, and AMD+Nvidia=Poop... So... if OP doesn't CF/SLI then the 460 is a good choice but otherwise, it isn't.
  9. Personally I would either keep the 4770, or get at least a 6850 or GTX 460.
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