Bad time to buy a prebuilt PC? need some opinions

Hey all

Im in the market for a new gaming rig. I've been scanning various forums and been reading a bit about the i9's coming out in January and how they are supposed to be 50% faster than the fastest current i7's, also I've seen alot of people tell me that even the lowest tier i7 isn't really used by most of the current gaming software, and that an i5 is more than capable of doing the same job for less money.

I need to replace my PC yesterday, and after much thought I was going to go with a prebuilt alienware model, yes I know they are slightly overpriced, but I can't be bothered with the stress or problems of building my own right now. and their tech support makes things easy. any problem and back it goes on their dime.

My question is, is this a really bad time to pay retail? Besides the i9's Im not sure what other advances are coming in Q1 2011.
I was going to go for a i7 980 but from dell its pushing a 4k price tag or close to it with duel radeon 5890's, while I don't have a problem with the price necessarily as I do want a high end rig but I don't want to throw money away on tech that isn't going to get used and then be 2nd class in 2 months. Also Dells mobo's don't offer usb 3.0, and only have one available pci slot after going with crossfire.

any thoughts whatsoever would be much appreciated
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  1. Hoigh end gaming machine? We are all going to tell you to build.
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    There aren't I9s coming out, it is new i5s that are based on Sandy Bridge Tech.... they are going to be the level of 980X or higher...

    My thoughts are to build your own, but I understand stress, I haven't slept in 4 days..... Try and and What is your budget? I can put something together all of those sites...

    Alienware is a HUGE markup, not a small one.... They aren't worth anything, they take MONTHs to build stuff, my friend ordered an alienware aobut 4 months ago, and they are still building it... lol....
  3. :) lol
  4. IMHO it's never a good time to buy a prebuilt when you can build your own.

    $4000 on a PC is a waste of money. ANY computer, whenever you buy it, *WILL BE OBSOLETE WITHIN TWO YEARS*

    Its the nature of Moore's law. The long running joke is if it's on the market, it's already obsolete.

    Because if that, putting $4000 into a computer is pointless. It'll Still be crushed by $1000 rigs in 3 years. So Buy 4 $1000 rigs every 2 years and you get a decade of use out of the money, instead of 3 years.

    buy an i5 now, or a sandy bridge in January, with a mid-range graphics card a decent video card (GTX 460, HD 6850 or 6870), and use the hell out of them for the next 2 years. Then buy another one then.
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    In August I did an "almost" complete upgrade (everything but HD and GPU), and I expect it to last me for 2-3 years. The GPU I plan on upgrading Black Friday or Christmas sales after the new releases are out and the 460's or 6850's drop in price - my GTS250 is doing OK still.

    And the HD is a WD 640GB 7200 model, and it's running fine. Until I can afford an SSD (or win one!!!), I will stick with that.

    So scroll on up to one of the Intel or AMD builds in the stickies and select what you want and get it cheaper, and save the rest for your next upgrade.
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    not really, i know people who use computers that are 3 or4 years old, and they can still max settings.
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