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I recently bought 8Gb of Kingston Hyper X X1 Black Series 8GB DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) 240-Pin SDRAM Dual Channel Kit XMP LE with intentions of building a new AMD system. I should have done a little more research first but the site said compatible with AMD but with a little more research it says that the RAM is set for Intel Sandy Bridge systems. Is the RAM still able to be used with an AMD system and will it still run optimized or should i just consider switching to Intel?
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  1. Yes. Ram is Ram if it fits great it works.
  2. its going to depend on the RAM itself , and the MB, generally for the most part like 98% of the time, it wont matter if its AMD or Intel CPU , the ram will work just fine for its running 'optimized' in whichever system this will depend on a few factors as well, mainly the MB and chipset ..would need to know the EXACT model of the Kingston kit you bought.. a lot of the time, an 'optimized' set of ram is just a pre-set configuration of timings and settings ..and may or not actually 'optimize' anything ..

    what is the EXACT model of the kit ? kingston usually has long set of letters and numbers like KVR-128mb-GVXSDR133 ..stuff like that
  3. KHX1600C9D3X1K2/8GX

    though i could not find it on the kingston website... only found one that was close...
  4. those should be fine with AMD or Intel , you hsould not have any problems ..odd that you couldnt find them on Kingston website
  5. It should be fine. Intel and AMD uses same type of ram, maybe one platform prefers a certain voltage over the other. Now, apple computing on the other hand uses different ram.
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