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New graphics card help..

i am planning to buy a new graphics card in the $75-$100 range ... pls give a good suggestion

my pc specifications are:

hp pavilion a6030in

Microsoft Windows Vista
*DirectX Version*10.0

Intel i945G/GS/P/PL chipset

Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 3.00GHz
*Current Speed*3.00 GHz
*Size*16.00 kB
*Size*2.00 MB

RAM: 2gb+512mb+512mb=3gb DDR2-SDRAM (666 MHz)


i already have an in-built graphics card which is almost out-of-date nowadays
its details are

*Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family**Manufacturer*Intel Corporation
*Video Card Chip Type*Intel(R) 82945G Express Chipset Family
*Video Card Memory*256.00 MB
*Video Card BIOS*Intel Video BIOS

pls help me in buying a new graphics card
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    With MIR, thats $105. It also blows the 5670 and 240 away, even though in your price range, those are really the only 2.
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  3. i am also planning to buy a hd 4670 which costs around $90 in india ...
    or is it better to buy a hd 5670 which costs 40$ more
    can i go ahead with hd 5670 because i am not sure whether my processor intel p45 would support that...
  4. all right i'm going to buy a asus ati hd 4670 which costs exactly $88 in india

    hope it works well on my pc

    thanks to all for helping me out
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  6. Your CPU will support that. Just make sure the HD5670 card is version 2.0 PCI-express. Some older motherboards have had issues with version 2.1 cards.
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