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Stock heatsink?

Hey guys,

Just wanted to get some thoughts on using the stock cooler for my intel i5 - 760. Probably won't do any over clocking but do not want to limit myself for future possibilities.

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  1. If not OC'ing, no need for 3rd part cooler.
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    I almost always use the stock coolers since I buy box processors (for the fan and the extra warranty). I don't typically overclock, and the stock cooler is designed to handle the thermal requirements of the CPU. The one time I felt I needed to get a improved cooler was my Q6600. It was getting in the 70s while running Prime95. It was a little too hot for my tastes. One of the designs where heat pipes draw the heat up into an array of fins worked well for me... with a price under $25 (after rebate).

    I'd say go for it with the stock cooler... if temps are too hot, then consider finding an affordable cooling solution.
  3. I use my AMD stock cooler in a crappy case and my temps max @ 51.5C while OCed from 3Ghz to 3.5Ghz. However, I have heard that Intel has the worst heat-sinks in the universe. If you are not planning on OCing I wouldn't bother spending the extra money to buy a new cooler. If you temps are bad I would go for something that is not high end, but will do the job.
  4. I never use stock under any circumstances, they are loud, don't cool as well and look rubbish.

    But as mentioned if you don't OC they will do the job.
  5. Thank you for the reply's all.

    I have installed and tested the stock and im actually surprised with the thermals i am getting. No higher then 64c on any of the cores while running prime95 for 3 hours and standard load im getting is about 43 while playing BFBC 2 with 28c at idle! THis is actually better cooling then my fenrir titan gives on my i7 930 build. Ambient room temp is a pretty big difference however 68 f for my 930 while running in and around 60f for the i5 760 with stock cooler. WIll have to keep an eye on things come summer.
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