CPU temperature 80 C. Please Help!!!

Hi Everybody,

I have a computer with Pentium-4 3.06 GHZ processor. I have been using it for like 4 years and it never gave any problem. However, recently, while working on it, it turned-off by itself. I googled for the problem and found out that it could happen when the CPU gets overheated. Anyway, I downloaded and installed Motherboard Monitor 5 to view the CPU temperature. Now, it shows the CPU temperature between 79 C and 81 C (Celsius). I also checked it in BIOS and it shows the same temperature.
To bring down the temperature I opened up the chassis and cleaned the dust from the heat sink and motherboard. However, still the CPU temperature has not come down. I also left the chassis open for air circulation but still the temperature is same.
I want to ask:
Is this temperature (79C-81C) normal for P4 3.06 GHZ CPU? Can this CPU bear this much temperature? What is the maximum temperature that this CPU can bear? and If this much temperature is not normal then what should I do about it? I mean what can be the actual problem (because keeping the chassis open also does not lower its temperature)?
Please help me solve this problem!

Cheers! :)
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    I would check the heatsink contact against the CPU, it is possible it has become loose where the heatsink is not making full contact with the CPU. If this is the case i would suggest taking the HS off, cleaning the existing thermal paste off, reapplying the paste, and resecuring the heatsink.

    hope it helps

  2. No those temps are too hot, especially if they're at idle. You need to take the heatsink/fan off and try reseating it. Clean the old paste off and put a fresh layer on
  3. Yeah, fresh thermal paste would be a good idea. The stuff can wear out over time.
  4. This happened to me like 6months ago. It would randomly shut off and get high cpu temps. So what i did was change my thermal compound and it reduced it from 72C to 42C by just changing my thermal compound. I didn't even change my heatsink. I did the same thing on my graphics card and it also lowered the temps by nearly 40C. I used the Antec formula 5 compound. I couldn't believe how big of a difference it makes by just changing the thermal compound. It kinda reminds me of a car over heating and changing your radiator fluid.
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