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2560x1600 upgrade from 8800gts

I have an 8800 gts that has just given up the ghost after several warning signs. Now my screen is full of weird ascii and striping when I switch on - so I'm thinking it's time for a new card and probably a new PSU. I saw a recommendation for a PSU in another thread:

but was wondering about which card or cards to get. I read an article on Kotaku of all places about SLi GTS 450 setups:

but was wondering if that would do it for me at full res on my 30" monitor with second slightly smaller monitor also enabled most of the time. I generally play LOTRO and shooters in case that has a bearing on all of this. What is your advice for the card(s) and is that the PSU I should be thinking about? I don't really want to go much over $300 for the card(s) if I can help it.

my mobo is an Asus P5N-E SLI
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  1. Okay, that's a good PSU.

    Well, you can go with a single GTX460 for now and add another one later if you have money...
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    This PSU is a better brand with higher power output on the +12v rail;
    After the promo code and shipping it is also $17 cheaper.
    For the card I'd get a single GTX 470. For 2560x1600 it is slightly faster than SLIed GTS 450s, you'll still have a slot free for an upgrade later and you wont have to deal with any SLI scaling/compatibility issues.
    In general it is best to start off with a single card and leave SLI or crossfire for an upgrade option when the time comes.
    This one is $280 after rebate and comes with three free(and actually good) games;
  3. thanks for your prompt answers - I would indeed rather not fiddle with SLI - so the GTX470 looks like the way to go. Cheers!
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