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I just put together a new computer with a sabertooth x58 mother board and 2 xfx 5850s. My sound worked fine until after installing CCC and the drivers for the cards. Now the on board sound is not working. In device manager I have the 2 5850s being listed as ATI HDMI under sound cards. I assume this is overriding the on board sound.

Many posts I read say look in the bios for on board sound and set it to enabled instead of auto. My board, with most recent bios, only has enabled and disabled as options here. How can I get the on board sound working again? I tried disabling the video cards under sound in device manager which did nothing. I also uninstalled the drivers which only resulted in them immediately being installed again when restarting.
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  1. Go into your sound control panel and make sure that your on-board sound is set as the default. What may have happened is that when you installed the graphics drivers it also installed ATI's HDMI sound and set itself as the default.

    It should be under the "output" tab, simply right click on your on-board sound and set it as default again.
  2. It is set as default. I have disabled the other audio devices in device manager.
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