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ok it was only just recently i had this problem when booting my mothers laptop, Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media, i changed the boot piroty in different ways first few times i had left it to HDD first cd rom 2nd and ect but issues i had was blue screens of deaths constantly rebooting the laptop so i was going reinstall windows 7 but now when i boot from the disk and try to install theres no HDD to install on so then i tried changing it back HD 1 CD ROM 2 ect and nothing get Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media drive i did it few times to fix it but nothing worked the Bios is fine i have a big Gut feeling it is HDD finally died.. any suggestions
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  1. Create a boot CD and boot from that. Once booted, see if your hard drive is detected. If so, run a Check Disk against it. If not, assume that the drive failed.

    -Wolf sends
  2. i would asume if Windows 7 install can't find HDD then its pretty much broken i put in the disk and booted from it i went through the wizard to it gets part of partions theres nothing iv also tryed with XP and the problem is still there is that what u ment by bootble cd?
  3. Yes, that (obviously) worked just as well. Since the Windows Installation did not see the hard drive, I would next make sure the hard drive is securely installed. Perhaps even remove it, check for dust, and re-install it. If it's still not seen, then I would try moving it to your working system and connecting it there as a secondary drive. If it's still not seen, then the drive is bad. If it is seen, then it sounds like the main board of the laptop has died.

    -Wolf sends
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