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This should be an easy one for you guys to comment on. ;)
I'm working on pulling together a simple little AMD rig for general everyday tasks like surfing the web and email, some light gaming, and maybe some Blender every now and then. The list could go on, but lets just paraphrase and say it's a moderate-usage PC. Here's what I have so far:

Before you ask, I'm not willing to change the case, I want a modular PSU (personal preference), and would like it based on the AM3 socket. Oh, and try to keep it under $650. :D
It does need that copy of windows, and I already have a monitor for it. Oh, and on an unrelated note, that RAM is black, not yellow. :)

Other than that, any suggestions? I'm fairly happy with it right now; it seems like a nice little rig for the price, and I love that case. Speaking of the case, I'll probably throw in the optional third 60mm fan on the back to help everything out a little, seeing how small it is.

Much appreciated,
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  1. For an average user such as yourself, a simple rig like that should perform excellently :) Some people may suggest that you opt for a different motherboard, but hey, I see no issues.

    Everybody will always have different opinions, and each person will think that a component or two should be changed. As long as you're happy with the price, performance, and vendors, that's all that really matters :)
  2. I like your Little Tank concept!

    A few upgrades

    1.Full blown 6mb L3 vs 4mb from 810 to 925 Deneb
    2. 80+ certified beefy 600 watter modular PSU
    3. HD 5670 to HD 5770
    4. 1333 to 1600 RAMs

    $638AR and combos ftw wee~

    I just whipped together a quick update based on some answers. ;)

    To answer some of your questions before you ask them:

    - Sorry, but I try to avoid planning around combo deals. By the time I'm ready to buy something, I end up finding out they stopped offering that combo and have to work something else in to replace it. Just a personality fault on my part, I guess...

    - I didn't include the Win7/Training combo in my update, but sure as heck I'll get it for that price if they still have it in the future

    - I feel like 550w is easily more than enough, and I'm running basically the same PSU (OCZ ModXStream 600w) right now. I feel safe getting it instead of a CM just from personal experience. Once again, I'm admitting that you found a better deal, but I'm willing to pay a little extra for something I'm familiar with. I can't say the same about the RAM in that deal, but the RAM + PSU I found are the same price as it. Sorry; I'm going to have to turn the CM PSU down. :??:

    - I don't really feel much need for a 5770 right now, for reasons I didn't say: I'm running an MSI 5770 in the PC I'm typing on right now, and if I ever feel like upgrading it, I can probably just stick one into the Tank if I feel it needs it. :)


    One last question that's somewhat hard to answer: Any suggestions for a 60mm fan? I know they aren't very common, but I trust other peoples' personal experience more than I trust the NewEgg review system. I'm trying to keep this as quiet as possible, and even if it doesn't move much air, it's still better than nothing.

    On an unrelated note, I just realized how sexy the interior of this machine is going to be. Everything is black and red, and with that PSU, it's going to look downright awesome. [/easily amused]

    Once again, much appreciated,
  4. Take a look at the HIS version of the HD5760 GPU. The cooler on it is ultra-silent and exhausts from the case.
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