Primary GTX470 Crashes on VLC

I have GTX 470 both sitting under water.

I have been overcloikcng these and found a stable OC at 825 / 1650 / 1800. In the process of finding this my system has hard locked on doexens of occasions.

Temp is not an issue, they dont even go over 42deg on max load at 1.087v.

But my primary card (located in PCIe 1) crashes in VLC only.

I have removed both CPU overclock, GPU overclock, installed lastest nVidia drivers and VLC, yet it still crashes. If i disable SLI and run my OS from my secondary card everything is fine.

My Pri GPU will bench, run games, burn programs, the lot, but crashes on VLC.

Both GPUs are clearly still in warranty, If this literally a duff card?

Switching the cards PCIe slots is not an option as they are both WC and I would have to rebuild the loop.

This card was crasinh both before and after it went under water (I assumed it was a heat issue)

Suggestions please.
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  1. Not much to offer except reset everything in case you missed something . . . clear CMOS, load basic mobo defaults, reinstall the chipset drivers and perhaps VLC. But these seem as ineffectual as swapping the power cables on the vid cards lol.

    Perhaps more basics . . . when testing non-SLI, did you physically remove whichever unused card from its slot? Did the primary card fail when run non-SLI (not clear)? Can you get either card into the other slot by pulling the other card out of its slot?
  2. Cards can't be moved unless i strip the loop, and considering it took about 10hrs to build it yesterday, i really dont want to do that. i cant move the slots they are in for the same reason.

    runing 2nd gpu atm, 1st is still being detected by windows but disabled in nvidia control panel.

    gonna look into bios flashing the ist card from the rom on on the second. problem is. i dont know if i can boot from my secondary card in the 5th PCIe slot, so if i brick it, i will have to strip the blocks off and replce with standard air vooling just to un brikck, then will have to rebuild loop again.

    oh what a fkijng mess!
  3. Never built a WC (no pun intended), but ripping apart the vid cards without testing them first is problematic. Can't test them without installing the stock cpu cooler first.

    Seems like a 2-step build is the right way to go . . . in retrospect lol.
  4. I've no idea what you mean by that. Going to install AB again this evening and remove the feature to down power the cards in 2D mode, see if that helps.
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