So what do you do with *really* old systems?

Essentially, I have two functional and one questionable (really) old core systems. They are:

System 1 - Functional
Intel PIII-800mhz processor
One PC-100 RAM (unknown RAM quantity - four RAM slots)
EPoX EP-BX7+100 motherboard

System 2 - Functional
Intel P4 Celeron processor (unknown speed)
1x512Meg RAM DDR-2100 - 2 RAM slots
Imperial_GL_VE motherboard

System 3 - Questionable
AMD X2-3800+ processor (s939)
2GB (2x1GB) DDR333 RAM
ASRock 939Dual-SATAII motherboard

Additional components I have available include:
Zotac(?) FX5200TV AGP Graphics card
Soundblaster XTremeMusic Sound Card
B-Gears B-Enspirer Sound Card

The first two systems, I can't see as usable as the cost for upgrades (RAM) is prohibitive. The last system was at one point, not too long ago, my primary system, but I believe it took a power hit. I did actually rebuild the system, at that point, to where it would boot up and run, but whenever I plugged in any type of USB cable/flash drive/accessory to any rear port, the system shut down.

I already have three other fully functional systems (All-Purpose, HTPC, dual boot Gamer/Server) and a laptop. Also, all family members have newer systems.

So what do you long-time builders do with your old systems?

-Wolf queries
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  1. Typically, you can donate to places like GoodWill or Senior Centers. This gives people a chance to get / use a PC that might not otherwise have. They don't need to be fast... just be functional for their needs. I would of course make sure you wile the drive of any old data and set the systems up with "fresh installs".
  2. Unfortunately, these are just core systems (MB/CPU/RAM). Even if I could get my questionable system running again (going to try a quick bread-board build), I'd still need to get a case, power supply, OS, and hard drive. That's almost $200 out of my pocket.

    I suppose I could talk to Goodwill and see if they have non-functional systems I could part out/repair.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Any others?

    -Wolf sends

    Well... so much for bread-boarding... I don't have a power switch!

    Edit 2:
    So I salvaged a power switch from an old Compaq system. That seemed to work, but I could never get a signal on my monitor. System *sounded* like it was trying to boot, but never a video signal.

    Last edit for tonight. Heading to bed, but if anyone has other suggestions for what to do with the other systems, please let me know.
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