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I am planning to buy 32 gb SSD, I am only using it to store games and it is not going to be my primary drive. Will it make my games load faster even tough its not my primary drive? Also other than loading times what other features and advantage does it have? For example whilst game are running after loading, is there difference during a game which is stored in hdd or ssd? Thank you.
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  1. SSD's are best if you load the OS on it. It will make your PC boot really fast. You could possibly get buy with a 32 gig SSD with the OS, but it will fill up fast and as they get to their maximum, they will lose performance. As of now, there is really no performance gains with ssd's while gaming other than loading maps fast.
  2. Thanks.
  3. 32GB ssd will be nothing but a headache. pony up $15 more and buy at LEAST a 64GB
  4. With current prices, I would accumulate sufficient funds to buy a 120gb ssd. That will be enough to store the os and a handful of games.
    You will be pleased with it every day. A one hour windows update will be 10 minutes.
    A 32gb ssd today is useless, except perhaps as a cache for your hard drive if you have an Intel chipset.

    A SSD is 50x faster in random I/o. That is what the os does mostly. It is 2x-3x faster in sequential. Loading of your game or level will be faster. In a game, a written checkpoint may go a bit faster, but that is all.
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