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How to connect Quadro 4000 to PSU

I'm wrapping up the assembly portion of my first (workstation) pc build. The last thing I have to figure out is how I'm supposed to connect my Quadro 4000 video card to the PSU. the card comes with a six-pin connector that splits into two four pin connectors. Right now I just attached those two four-pin branches to a single PSU cord that has daisy-chained four-pin connectors. Not sure if that's right though.

Or should I just forgo the included nVidia cord and attach the card with one of the PCI-E connectors that came with my PSU?
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  1. Hmmm does your psu have a 6pin connector but if not the adapter that came with the card will do the job but your psu can be crap like a crappy A-Power that I used to have.
  2. My PSU has a 6-pin (actually 8-pin with 2 pins optional) PCI-E connector that would fit on the Quadro. Being a newbie, I just wasn't sure if nVidia gave me that splitter for a reason or if I should just abandon it and just use my PSU's PCI-E connector. nVidia's documentation has been less-than helpful... but that's been par for the course for most components.
  3. Go ahead and the use the connector from the psu and it is safer that way.
  4. If possible, use the Connector from the Power Supply.
    Edit: nforce4max beat me to it.
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    The adapter you got is for those PSUs that do not have a PCIE power connector.
  6. Awesome. Thanks guys. Greatly appreciated.
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