Build around e8400

I recently bought a mobo and cpu off a friend for really cheap (50 bucks)

-Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 Wolfdale 3.0GHz
-ASUS P5N-D LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 750

Was looking for rig idea to be built around this mobo and cpu. I have a monitor, keyboard, and mouse but would need a cooler and the rest. As far as gaming I would mainly use it for sc2 and would like to play at 1920x1080 but could go down to a lower res if needed.

Thanks in advance
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  1. well since its an nVidia chipset board and SLI capable

    I'd add a GTX 460
    a samsung F3 500 gig hard drive
    and a 600 watt psu
    and either 2 or 4 gig of 1066 MHz DDR2 depending on which OS you are going to run
    plus a cost effective cooler . A scythe Mugen maybe . Read a few reviews , maybe you can do better for the money
    I still like the antec 300 as the best budget case

    Is your monitor actually 1920 x 1080? The gtx 460 should handle most games at reasonable settings . And if it doesnt you can add a second one later on .
    With the cpu overclocked it will still be a very competitive pc
  2. For the operating system I could put either windows 7 32 or 64 bit on it. I would probably go with 4 gigs of ram about was wondering how big of a difference ddr2 800mhz would makes.

    I been eying the gtx 460 and it seems to be a very good card but wouldn't sling them bottleneck my cpu. I dont have much experience overclocking even though I heard very good things about the e8400 as far as OC's. Also if the cpu can effectively run them in sli woudn't I need a better power supply like 750watts?

    The monitor I have is actually as 24'' westinghouse lcd which as a resolution of 1920x1200. It doesn't have a dvi input which is weird but it is a little old plus I can just pick up a dvi>hdmi cable.
  3. This is basically my current system (see my signature)

    I got it 2 years ago. It should handle most games at 1920x1200 with a gtx 460 1 GB or HD 6850. DDR2-800 vs DDR3-1333 is about 2% slower, so not a huge difference.

    If you do SLI, you'll want a 600-650W PSU.
  4. get the 64 bit OS and 4 gig of RAM

    An OC'ed e 8400 is not going to slow your gaming down

    yes 800 Mhz RAM is all you need , but it may be easier to overclock if you buy 1066MHz
  5. Pretty much my current system as well. Add a GTX460/HD6870 and you will be fine at 1920x1080. I get 60+FPS in pretty much all the games I play. Dragon Age-Fallout series ect.
  6. doesnt the p5n-D only have 800mhz support on the ram?
    i have the same mobo and cpu with a gtx 260
  7. doggerdaz said:
    doesnt the p5n-D only have 800mhz support on the ram?
    i have the same mobo and cpu with a gtx 260

    1066 MHz RAM will let him increase FSB , without worrying if the 800MHz RAM will limit the OC

    You could OC the e8400 by 25% before you start considering RAM timings and voltage
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