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I haven't payed much attention to the gpu for about a year now since I got my evga gtx285.
I wanted to take a look and see where mine rates with the newer cards out today. What the heck happened the gpu charts?
You cant just go there and see all the gpus on one chart ranking high to low.
I cant find where to look to see,
"Example" are all the new 400 series nvidia cards faster then my 285? is on of the ati cards better then some of the 400 series nvidia cards. I use to be so simple

The reason I am looking around is to possiably upgrade my evga gtx 285 gpu to something faster, but not $400 faster.
any suggestions, looking around $250
ATI, Nvidia?
I am a fps gamer with an o'cd intel I7-920 and ALL the goodies to go with it.

thanks for any help, ideas
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    anandtech has a very good benchmark tool. you can look at various cards in specific benchmarks from the pull down menu.

    as far as your video card goes, stick with your GTX 285 for another year.
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  3. i would recomend da seme as 'ct1615', stick wid ur 285 cuz its a really powerful card
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