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  1. What do you mean by "FLICKERED" ?
  2. If you have a laptop, 99% of the time you can't upgrade the video card. The issue is probably not in your video card but the screen, it can't refresh the image fast enough for smooth high-speed motion.

    It can actually be any one of 20 things, you did not say how you were watching on the laptop, is it a recorded game, online stream, live TV using a TV tuner, are you watching in full screen, windowed mode? Any of these things will affect your video quality. Including your laptop components, if it's an old laptop will have issues playing smooth video.

    Since you did not give any details at all as to what's happening, replace everything you have with the most expensive stuff, and it will probably fix your issue.
  3. "replace everything you have with the most expensive stuff, and it will probably fix your issue"

    best. advice. ever. (you also must work for best buy >_<)

    but yea only a few laptops ever made where you can replace the video card. it could be something as simple as the refresh rate isn't set very high to conserve battey life, or maybe the screen will only support a certain framerate less than 60hz.

    put in the make and model laptop, are you streaming the game and if so whats your internet connection like speed wise, and we can try to help you out as best we can but if its an actual hardware issue it might requre a better system
  4. first i cant chage the refresh rate my only choice is 60 hz.....im useing win 7 64 bit.....im going to guess that i have a cheap video card as per dell......it worse on a full screen but on a smaller screen its almost good...........im watching live games on the mlb web site......not streaming......... anyway its a dell 1545 with 4 gig ram pentium dual core 2.20 ghz......i also think it is high speed motion its a basebale being thrown......someone told me thaat an ATI hd video card is the way to go on a new laptop..........i hope this is enough info
  5. i wanted to add even movies from net flix are the same kind of flickering effect
  6. If you are watching anything off the web that is not dowloaded to your computer first, you are streaming. Live feeds or movies, does not matter. The laptop is not too bad, not a hight-end video card but it's not an old laptop so can handle video playback well.

    If you watch a DVD on the laptop, does the same thing happen? The onboard video won't process motion as well, but it's not easy getting perfect images especiall with how you are watching over the net.
  7. Basically all LCD monitor operate at 60Hz (the same goes for HTDVs but that's a different topic). There are some PC monitors out there that can do 120Hz, but that's with dual 60Hz inputs.

    All laptops have the traditional 60Hz LCD screen.

    Generally speaking, you will get video artifacts from time to time if you are watching a live event on a HDTV or PC because real-time video compression is not 100% flawless due to the fact that uncompressed video data is simply so huge that it will kill internet bandwidth. Fast compression will reduce the data stream and not have significant time delays, but that's at the cost of video quality.

    Try upgrading the Intel GMA X4500HD driver in that thing, maybe it will help.

    Regarding does it happen with video streaming, DVDs or both?
  8. ^^^

    I can't edit my post at work. I meant to type...

    Regarding Netflix, does it happen with video streaming, DVDs or both?
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