Should I get an SSD?

I am building a new PC and I am on a prett tight budget. Thanks to, I have come in a little under budget. I initially ruled out and ssd since they are expensive for the few advantages they provide, though now with the extra money I am reconsidering. I would like to spend less than 80 bucks or so but I am tenatively willing to pay up to $100. I don't really know how large an SSD I would need considering I will only be installing Windows 7 64-bit on it, I will be using a hard drive for storing my games and whatnot.
So should I get an SSD? If so, which one?! Please Help!!!!
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  1. Absolutely. The advantage is worth the extra cost IMO. I just got a Samsung 840 120GB SSD. I couldnt be happier with the performance. The difference between SSD and HDD is night and day. Plus I got the 840 for under $100. You might not need 120-128GB but if you canget it for a good price you might as well. You could even install a few games on there. I wouldnt go smaller than that though. The smaller and cheaper the SSD usually the slower the read/write speeds.
  2. I know on my computer I have all of my normal program files, Windows 7 and the entire Adobe CS6 suite installed and I think I have about 50-60GB of usable storage space left on my SSD.
  3. Of course. Can't live without an SSD. So much faster!
  4. Yeah, I highly, HIGHLY reccommend leaping for one.

    It's a lot more than a "few" advantages. (Especially if you play MMOs or single player games - nothing breaks immersion or annoys one worse than having to stop playing for two minutes waiting on a loading screen.)
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