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Hello, I wanna built and I have no experience in building PC before. These is my spec and price which I get from computer shop. Please check the specs and price. From noob
i7-950 3.06 Quad core 308.90
4GB ddr3 ram 91.49
interl 80 GB ssd 100
Hd6870 1gb ddr5 graphics 260
Asus P6X58-E Motherboard 249.99
DVD super combo drive $40.00
Cooler Master 850w Silent Pro PSU $145.00
Low noise fan extra $40.00
Monitor LG 21.5 inchx2 $480.00
rave ev02 $200.00
$2,145.23+200 labour and free G15
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  1. you will ned a bigger hard drive than that. Better to get a large, fast wd black or samsung spinpoint than that tiny ssd. You could get away with a fast core i5 as the i7 wont give you much more boost in performance. $200 labor is too much IMO (that really depends what part of the world your from). You will also need to add the cost of the OS (windows7) and any other software you need.
  2. You need triple channel memory for the i7 build, so something 3x2gb or so.

    The G.SKILL Phoenix Pro Series is a better faster SSD

    You don't need a 850 watt power supply for one mid line or even one high end video card. A good quality 500w from Seasonic, Corsair, Antec, Enermax or similar quality will be fine and will save you a couple of bucks.

    40.00 for a fan is a bit expensive.

    Finally... Consider building it yourself, you will save a lot of money, and people here love to help newbie's with new build questions.
  3. I got some issue about 6850 cross and6870 cross. Y the benchmark of 6850 is higher. And what is the recommend monitor which is price worthy to buy. From this spec how much should I expect. Thank you guys I loves your comments.
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