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I would like to pick the brains of those willing to share your opinions with me. I work with a company that has its own intranet system. The department that I work with needs its own storage bank for files and documents to be accessed by computers on the network with access permission. I have been researching because I am the most technically literate one in this department and I am being asked to try to gather as much information as possible. The original plan is, as stated, to have a separate storage system and can be accessed via the corporate LAN by permissioned users. All of our departmental records are going to be moved from paper to electronic for access. We are thinking 6TB to start, but will be subject to expanding if needed. The option that we use not is a dedicated folder on the corporate network, but all of IT has access to the files, and they are or a nature that we cannot allow. One idea that was thrown was to have a computer system built to spec for what we need and have it set to share the drive docs with authorized users. Another option that was given was a NAS system. General rule concerning the computer option is a backup system/external hard drive for cover failure. I am not sure which one to research and don't have options to ask locally. The corporate IT wants to be over all the network access and everything, kinda like a little man complex. Our department is working towards accreditation standards and this is a must for us, so I am reaching out. If I am in the worn area I apologize. Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. Why not contact the corporate IT and have them set your dept its own share ?
    I'm sure they already have something in place and the bonus is it would already be on a backup plan.
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