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Can't install ATI drivers anymore?

I'm having installation errors. Can't seem to find solution. Occured after doing driver sweepers..

Thats the link I followed to do the driver sweeper. Even tried the solution given too.
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    Its weird that I'm getting these errors. Tried installing in safe mode but get the driver not detected thing. Installed and still won't work to install the ati drivers. Why am I getting these failures to install. Even the CD that came with my card(4670) won't work either. I tried the latest one, 10.5, 9.11, 9.12 :sweat:

    Edit : the mediafire link is the report that ati installer gave me.
  2. -_-

    "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)" Is my card me now? The quote was what device manager says about my card.
  3. In your other thread you said you were switching back to your 8600GT, what happened?
  4. Well thats why I was using driver sweeper in the first place. I wanted to have a clean install of Nvidia drivers(which was a success). Couldn't stand to play B:AA in such low resolution and details so I decided to switch back to ati 4670. Then this problem occured. Cleaned out the previous nvidia drivers also.
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    somehow i get the feeling you did not uninstall all ati software prior to use driver sweeper
    when removing a driver package you must choose and select remove all ati software when uninstalling that is the only and proper way.
    i have have been swithcing cards several times and you have to uninstall exactly or else these errors happen.
    So the only option is uninstall again all drivers and when rebooted and installed go to the driver tab and check which driver is loaded, what i found was that somehow windows kept loading the microsoft ones which you don't want.
    So select choose and find the ati map and select it yourself
  6. Thanks ubronan :)

    Windows kept on installing its own driver which caused screen flashes and labeled as "vga video adapter". Found out I had to install the drivers by going into device manager and browsing to the drivers from display adapters instead. :whistle:
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