Mid-tower Case w/o Led's and Five fans?

I am looking to do a new build with an AMD 4-core cpu. It is my home computer, I do very little gaming so I need a good basic mid-tower without too many fans or bright leds.

It will have 1 hard drive and 1 DVD or Blu-ray player, a video card (5670?) - in other words, it will not top the charts. I still can run my 286/287 in DOS if I need excitement.

Suggestions that are about $100 or less (no supply since I like to go with a PC Power & Cooling and have plenty of margin)

Please pass pro and cons you encountered in your builds.

FYI, No brand is sacred even if my last build used an ANTEC LanBoy (I think that was about six years ago?)

Thanks and GO STEELERS

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  1. Antec Lanboy just came out at the end of the summer last year.

    I like the Antec Sonata Elite or the Sonata III 500

    Sonata III 500

    Sonata Elite

    I used to have a Sonata Elite it was a very quiet case and looks good too. Pretty much can fit anything you would ever need in it for the average user.
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    You could go with a basic COOLER MASTER Centurion 534 or Antec One Hundred to meet your needs.
  3. If you want a well designed case that you can also use in future builds i suggest the CM690II Basic.
    It has plenty of cooling options,good airflow,roomy,filtered intakes.,cpu cut-out,toolless,great cable management.
    Also the led blue lighting can be turned off.(front intake fan)
    The only con is the psu has to be removed to clean the filter.
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