Can I CF the 5670 512mb model?

I was wondering if it's even possible to Crossfire the ATI 5670 512mb card? Because it doesn't have anywhere to connect like a bridge. I know that the 5670 1GB version you can, but i'm not sure about this one.

Thanks guys.
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  1. Yes, its internal crossfire. They communicate over the pci-e bus.
    Do you have a crossfire ready m/b ?
  2. Not yet, but I'm plannig to get one. I'm on a budget, so how's this one look?
  3. That mobos runs at x16 and x4 which kind of gimps the performance gains of your crossfire a little bit. Not sure how much it affects those cards though as they're not very powerful anyways.
  4. This motherboard is considerably more expensive however it supports 8/8 pcie 16x operations and I recommend it.

    Otherwise you could get THIS nvidia chipset motherboard that supports 8/8 and is slightly cheaper (and SLi Ready)

    EDIT: actually, I change my mind, The bottom one is the best for pricing and features.
  5. Ok cool, i'll check them out. You stated it supports SLI, but what about CF, because I have an ATI card.
  6. imanoob93 said:
    Ok cool, i'll check them out. You stated it supports SLI, but what about CF, because I have an ATI card.

    It doesn't officially support crossfire.
  7. Uh... last time I checked you couldn't crossfire on a 750a board...
    I recommend this board, cheaper than all but your 1st board you linked, usb3/sata6 and x8/x8 crossfire without having to hack it...

    Also, if you could get an extra $35 or so, the 5770 is much better than the 5770.

    If you already have the 5670, that's irrelevant of course.
  8. Uh, Yeah I know that. I just stated it.

    Its an asrock board, it will do but i prefer recommending good brands such as asus gigabyte etc...
  9. Ok cool I'll prolly get the Assrock board. I know that the 5770 is a lot better, but I can't afford it right now. I mean CF with 5670 will give me pretty good graphics for mid gaming right?
  10. hello?
  11. Here are best case scenario results.
    eVGA X58 Classified


    Core i7 965 @ 3750 MHz (3.6 + Turbo mode).

    Graphics Cards

    Radeon HD 5670 512MB reference (x2)

    Right around the 5770 performance, sometimes less, some more.

    I would not chase this combo with a lot of money. A gts 450 will be had for 100 dollars soon, (maybe).
  12. Not really, dual 5670s are like a 5770, and 512MD is going to hold you back more. Honesty, for the cost of the Mobo+GPU, you could get a GTX460 which blows both dual 5670s and a single 5770 away.
  13. Oh ok. Yea, I really like the gtx460, but I already purchased the 5670 :(
    And the gtx460 is like $100 more than the 5670.
  14. imanoob93 said:

    Bumping your thread is a no no. :non:
  15. Ummmmmm ok...
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