Faulty Mobo Shorting CPU?

I bought an ASUS M4A89TD PRO/USB3 and it barely functioned with several bugs, errors, and slow boot times. I had an AMD Phenom II X6 1090T plugged into it and it ran for about two months (buggy) until it completely failed to post about two weeks back. I posted a thread here and we deduced it was the processor. But after RMAing the AMD and having an excellent experience with their support team (they paid for the RMA shipping), they also found the CPU to not function in their test mobo at all. So they sent me a new one and I plugged it in. Same results: red CPU led stays solid, suggesting that the new CPU is also faulty. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting faulty CPUs over and over. I'm thinking the mobo is faulty and it shorted my first CPU. My concern is that I plugged this CPU in for about 1-2 minutes total and now I'm worried that it shorted this one too. I have the board RMAing as I write this, but have I shorted another chip or do you think I'm in the clear for the new board??
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  1. You won't know till you plug the chip in. It's possible that your faulty board killed that CPU though.
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