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PHYSX Card question & suggestion

Hey Everyone,

I had recently upgraded my main graphic card from a GTS 8600 SLI setup to a single GTX460 768mb setup.

I was just wondering if it would be beneficial or crazy to add back in one of the GTS 8600, and use it as a dedicated physx card?
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    It would be perfect as a dedicated physX card.
  2. ^ +1
    Almost perfect for what you need.
  3. I only have 2x 6 pin PCI Express power cables available (both being used for the 460). The 8600 seems to require one, will it be alright to just plug the card in without that extra power cable to juice it? will it do anything at all?
  4. Get a molex to 6pin adapter.
  5. sweet, i think i have one of those that came in from with the 460. hmm now to find some loose molex cables...
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