Computer freeze on Startup

Got a really strange problem... today when i turned on my computer it only loaded up to the motherboard logo screen then froze... i cant figure out what it could be.... it was working just fine 24 hrs ago

tried disconnecting the HD and the cD drive and each of my ram sticks one at a time and all the USB peripherals tried re- seating most of the cables and tried clearing the cmos on the MB.... it only unfroze to ask me if i wanted to restore default or last known good settings -> then returned to freezing

im really at a loss at this point... i think i got most of the basic troubleshooting things out of the way .. i hope someone here who knows a little more about computers can help me out

also note - with the little speaker plugged into the MB on boot it gives me 1 beep(which should mean its booting successfully)

Cpu specs :

Gigabyte ga-770ta-ud3 motherboard
athlon x3 II 4xx processor
4gb Gskill Ram
spinpoint f3 HD
Saphire 4850

i posted this in the motherboard section because the only things still plugged in are the CPU /GPU /PSU /MB so...prolly has something to do with the MB?? if its in the wrong section LMK
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  1. anyone know anything about this?? or if theres anywhere else i can post this problem?
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