Can bad sectors cause huge pc lag?

Well I don't know that this is causing my pc to slow down but it's horrible. I can't even watch a video in 480p(!) without lag. Not even talking about games...
I can't run programs propely, everything is just slow as hell. I have 3 bad sectors, which are moved to the not-usable space. Is the bad sectors causing the problem?

I have an 149GB Hitachi HDS721616PLA380 ATA Device (SATA) HDD. I tried almost everything. Formatted the HDD, reinstalled the OS, ran defragment, but still nothing.

Please help! I almost can't do anything on my pc other than browsing. :heink: (Sorry for bad English btw. :D)

-Sincerely: David
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  1. Oh heck yea they can!
  2. yes
  3. So it is 100% sure that my problem is with my HDD?
  4. If you have bad sectors, IMMEDIATLY backup all of your data, the drive is dying and will most likely not be readable at all soon. If your HDD is under warranty, RMA it, if not buy a new one.
  5. I wrote all my stuff on a DVD. I dont have warranty, so i have to buy a new one because just 3 BS-s?
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