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I'm looking to build a new computer with a few existing components off this current machine but I'm a little confused on which motherboard would be best to get. I'm looking to buy an i5-2400 ( and an Asus gtx 570 ( Also I'm somewhat novice when it comes to hardware and putting it together, defiantly not a pro, so any suggestions would be helpful, even if not pertaining to the motherboard.

I'm a little over-whelmed by all the choices that there seem to be for motherboards. I also plan on getting another gtx 570 for SLI, down the road. Also, I don't plan on over clocking anything. I read the the Asus gtx 570 is a very fat card that covers up the other pci-e slot on motherboards, is this true? Would it even be possible to sli them if this is the case?

Also, what do you all think would be a good power supply and RAM setup? I have a current power supply, but I'm not sure it would do the trick, and I know my ram wouldn't.
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  1. Well you obviously want an Intel chipset motherboard if you plan on getting an i5 processor. Intel CPUs won't fit in an AMD motherboard and vice versa. Do you have a price range you are trying to stay in? A good motherboard can run between 90-120 dollars. Of course there are more expensive motherboards that are higher quality. But in this price range you will get reliability.
  2. You don't mention what you plan to use the rig for, but from your plans to install a second 570 you probably want it to game well at a resolution higher than 1920x1080.

    What you want in a motherboard is:
    - socket 1155 (Intel) motherboard (to support an i5 2400)
    - support for SLI (for 2x570)
    - 2 x16 (Physical) PCIe slots operating x16-x16 or x8-x8 (electrical) (for 2x570)
    - extensive OCing support is *not* necessary (because you don't plan to OC)
    - Other expansion card slots needed? (Don't know.)
    - Case size already chosen? (ATX or mATX, etc)

    So give us a little more info. Meanwhile you can look at these three boards that are at least in the ballpark:

    Gigabyte P67 UD3
    Gigabyte Z68 UD3
    Asus P67 Sabertooth

    Note that boards that don't support SLI (or Crossfire) very well are often much less expensive, and you may not need more.
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