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Hi all,

I'm venturing into the wonderfull world of homebuilt systems for the first time and I'm pretty tence about doing the 'right' thing. So after much research I've got a system in mind and I would like to know who other people would rate it. I'm esp unsure about the GPU as I have read many, many contradicting stories if I don't take the best card out there atm (HD5970).

Processsor: Intelcore i7-950
Mobo: Asus P6X58D-E
Memory: Kingston Valueram 4 GB DDR3-1333 kit (KVR1333D3N9K2)
GPU: Saphire HD6870 x2
HDD: Samsung Spinpoint HD103SJ 1 TB x2
Power: OCZFatal1ty 750W
Case: Coolermaster Centurion 5 II
Optical: Samsung SH-B123L

In combination with a logitech G110 keyboard + windows 7 this will set me back around 1.400 euro's ($1.900/ 1250 pounds) which is very nearly my entire budget. I ditched a SSD as it would make it more expensive and I could always get one later. I want to use this system for gaming but it will also function as our 'house'computer (photography, internet, music, etc.)
Things I'm unsure about are the GPU's, the memory (should I get 6 gb) and the powersupply (wasn't able to find a good review).

Any help, comments, tips, hints and recommendations would be highly appreciated.
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  1. I use G.Skill RAM over any other RAM.
    and use XFX,Corsair, Seasonic or Antec PSU's. modular 750W XFX $130 before MIR
  2. The i7 platform runs on triple channel memory so grab a 3x2gb kit
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