Sata laptop hd on a desktop possible? using molex to sata power conver

Hello people from toms. First of all i want to thank you in advance because i know u will help me, as u always do

My question is simple: can i use a laptop 2.5 drive on a desktop? its sata, so it has the energy and data conectors that fits the desktop. There is any problem? i dont know, maybe an energy problem? it can get burned due to more voltage/power/etc?

and one VERY important thing that i forgot before, i can conect it with no problems if my psu does not have sata power cable, so i have to use molex to sata power converter? or since it is from a converter i have to do something for it to not burn the hd laptop? because i have read some things that say to remove x cable from the molex etc, but not at toms :D so i am asking it :D

thank you again, i hope u answer me soon
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    it will work fine unless its like a 1st generation (real old) sata drive.
  2. ty for your answers popatim :D
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