$300 CAD HTPC Combo .... Worth it?

Been looking for deals on HTPC builds on and off and just came across this in my email....'


Other than the mobo having a very primitive BIOS, no 1394, and spacing issues, its seems liek it has fairly decent reviews. Power supply is questionable I'm sure, but other than that... I can't put the same system together for less than $450 shipped on any site I use.

I've never built with intel. I'd like to put together an HTPC for Blu-ray (maybe) but mostly just DVD and some nice audio capabilities.

At first glance, this seems like a nice deal.

any quick thoughts?
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  1. thats actually about $350. (rebates are never 100% certain)

    And I think Newegg can meet or beat those prices.

    an AS Rock H55 is $61.99, half the cost of that mobo, just for starters.

    Now that was tigerdirect.ca. Are you in Canada?
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