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Installing an SSD tomorrow and have a question. Will be using the SSD as my OS drive. Will it automatically set my current C drive to the SSD, and the current HDD to a D drive?

Any complications foreseen? (win 8)
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  1. No, you gotta re-install ur OS on the SSD and go to bios and set it to boot from there
  2. Would it be a good idea to reformat my current c drive? (the HDD) or is that necessary? I have all the data backed up, but just a pain to move it all back onto the HDD again.
  3. No need to wipe your hard drive. It looks like you will be installing the OS on your new ssd. That is good.
    Make certain that your sata mode in the bios is AHCI(not IDE or raid). That enables trim support.

    Disconnect your old hard drive or windows will attempt to put a hidden recovery partition on it.

    After windows install, reattach your hard drive and all your files will be available. Any programs will need to be reinstalled.

    If you want to recover your settings, use windows easy transfer now to create a file of them on your hard drive.
    After the os install, you can import them back.
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  5. Edit: found answer to this question, answer posted below.

    Nice manual SR-71m, thank you. One question if you have a minute. Here is my user manual.

    On page 2-18 it goes over the installation of Intel Z77 Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connectors (7-pin SATA6G_1/2 [gray])

    then on page 2-20 it covers the installation of Asmedia Serial ATA 6.0 Gb/s connectors (7-pin SATA6G_E1/E2 [navy blue])

    I am not sure which to use. I will not be setting up a raid if that matters. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Blue or gray?
  6. NVM, found the answer. In case someone else has the same question on which Sata to use go here:
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