New intel core series problem

What is wrong with the new intel core series? i've read something about the chipset not working correctly. i want to know because hp cancelled my computer order over that problem.
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  1. The SATA 2 ports degrade over time
  2. they said it wont be fixed until april do you think that is true?
  3. Its True. Replacement boards won't come until April.

    Some boards wont experience the problem for a long time and have time to wait for replacement boards.

    For affected boards they can use the 2 STAT-III ports which don't have issues. Or they can purchase an external SATA-II controller and just don't use the on board SATA-II.
  4. is there any other processor that would be good for gaming (bad company 2, and other war games at around 1600x900, just bought a 560 ti), light multitasking, and lots of full 1080p hd video editing. fyi, i can't overclock
  5. April is a month away. I will continue to wait for the new Sandy Bridge Chipset. I was about to purchase my motherboard/CPU and all hw for my PC when the problem was announced. Newegg pulled the motherboard and CPU from my shopping cart.

    I'm not sure about your situation but in my case i can wait for 30 to 45 days. I don't see any reason for my case to purchase old generation hardware.

    I'm not betting on AMD as well. AMD's next generation CPU won't be there by mid April.

    Its your decision/choice
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