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i have a 512kb internet connection but for some reason i am getting only 20 kb on torrents(its not due to low seeders ) plz help me to increase my torrent speed to max
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  1. The only way to do so is to have more seeders and peers (people with partial files who are trying to download the rest). Also each seeder / peer can limit the upload data rate. Therefore, if I set an upload limit of 50kb, then the max rate is 50kb no matter how many people are connected. 50 people connected? They each get 1kb.

    It seems you are fighting with other peers trying to download the files from the limited number of seeders.
  3. saint19 said:

    That works too. ;) ;) ;)

    But I have to say there's more than just illegal software @ torrent sites. I came home from work this past Monday night (about 7:50pm) only to find that my cable box died.

    Well, I missed the 2 hour season / series finale of 24. I was pissed. I managed to download the episodes by Tuesday night.
  4. saint19 said:

    You do realize that Torrents are a perfectly good way to distribute legal software. Most of your linux distros use torrents, as do a lot of games.
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