PC - Xbox 360 Sound Issue

I have this setup at the moment:
Xbox with VGA cable connected to PC monitor.
The sound cable from the VGA is connected to the back of my computer tower.
My turtle beaches are in the front of the computer.

I recently installed a wireless PCI card as to remove wires. I turned on my PC and bridged connections, Turned my xbox on but game and dashboard sounds are very quiet? the voice chat is fine.

When I turn off my PC the sound goes back to normal so I am confused?
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  1. Your splitting the sound between to devices.

    I have a similar setup but I use wires.

    I have a head phone jack splitter Y cable male with 2 female.
    The male goes into the back of my pc.
    I plug my speakers into one female, and I plug my xbox audio adapter into the other female.

    As long as I have my pc sound active the xbox is quite and I have to turn the speakers all the way up.

    Now the trick is I said active, I noticed the same way that if I turn my pc off my sound blasts on the xbox.


    MUTE SOUND ON PC and BAM sound loud on xbox without having to turn off pc.
    All the more easier because most keyboards have a mute button on them now.

    So much better than turning the pc off.

    Voice chat on the xbox is fine because for voice on the xbox your plugging into your controller which is a different audio channel than the audio for the game which comes out the back of the xbox.
  2. I am going to try this and reply back in a few hours, I used the 'Mute All' feature in volume control before I switched my monitors VGA but didnt seem to make a difference last time.

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