Samsung F4 2TB Drive as OS?

hi everyone, i got the samsung f4 2tb 5400rpm drive intending to use it as a storage drive in an htpc build, but i was thinking of creating a partition of around 120gb on this drive to use for the OS (win7 64), and the rest for storage.

i heard that this drive, even at 5400rpm, is fast as some 7200rpm drives.

are there any potential downsides to this, versus getting a separate 500gb 7200 rpm drive dedicated for the OS? again, this is for an HTPC build.

thanks much!
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    I have the OS on a 750GB 5400RPM "green drive" for my home server. It's no problem. I don't see it being any different for an HTPC. When that drive was on sale for $79.99 that's what I was planning anyway.
  2. thanks. did you partitioned the 750gb drive into two separate drives?
  3. Yes, Windows Home Server does that automagically. C: is the OS partition (20GB I believe) and D: is the data pool, part of which is on the 750GB drive,
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