Help-i3 530 + geforce 9500gt gddr2 1gb


I heard that the i3 has 733mhz(m nt really sure wat the memory in megabyte is for an i3-530) gpu on the processor but will it affect if i add a geforce 9500gt gddr2 1gb with it, will the 733mhz add to the 1024mb and become 1757mb and what happens if i had it on windows 7, i heard theres like 700mhz used from the ram than wat happens ?, by the way which will be better use a onboard 733mhz or the 1gb 9500gt i nw its a low profile card but thats all i got lol...sorry iam abit new to this whole thing but still got a fair idea.

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  1. The 9500GT is more powerful and should work just fine.
  2. thanks
  3. if i overclock a 9500gt than...will my card speed up...any percentage amount it will differ...?
  4. Yes it will if you overclock 5% you will get to close to 5% increase.
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