Can I run on SSD alone?

Hello. I just finished my first pc build. In my excitement, I didn't realize I would be short one SATA cable. I have a SSD and a HDD in the pc right now but I'm missing a SATA cable to hook up my optical drive. My question is, could I just unplug the HDD for now and use the SATA cable for my optical drive? I'm trying to do my first install of windows on the system. My plan is to unplug the hdd, hook up the optical drive, run the windows install(Onto my SSD), and then when it's done just unplug the optical drive and plug the HDD back up. I know it's a stupid question, but is this possible and will I run into any problems? Side note: My copy of windows is on CD, hence why I need the optical drive temporarily.

Thanks for the help in advance. Can't wait to test my rig out.
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    Yes, you can (and should) run with only the SSD connected (until you get Windows fully installled, then you can reconnect the HDD).
  2. Thank you so much for the quick reply.
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  4. Also, it is better to install OS on SSD while the HDD is not plugged in. Once you have installed OS on SSD and system is running then it is Ok to power off and connect HDD.
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