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When I turned on my PC this morning the fan on the GPU was making a loud vibrating noise, once I tried to boot it up again there was a long beep at post and the fan was still making the same noise. I removed the card from the system and proceeded to dust it with a compressed air can. Still the same problem occured.
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  1. euhm this sounds not so good what type of card is it and it would be nice if you give some details about the pc, second are you sure it is the gpu making that sound and did you check non of nearby cables get onto one of your fans somehow?!?
  2. Does the PC boot up even after the beep or do you get no video?

    You may have a dead video card if you have no video. A new fan is easy to get, but you usually need to take off the heatsink to attach it. If the card is not dead that is.
  3. What is your card? PSU? brand? model?
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