Formated my disc and re-installed windows. Any help on recovery???

Hey y'all,

Ok, so my dad was installing new windows on my laptop. He accidentally formatted the disc with all my important stuff, and installed windows on that disc. Then, when he noticed what he has done, he formatted both internal discs, changed their storage capacity and installed windows on the original windows disc. Any suggestions how I can restore my data?? I guess it's a lost case, but any advice will help.

Thanks a bunch!
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  1. Hello, thanks for such a quick response:) I have installed iCare and its scanning right now, but it's a trial, so i would have to purchase it to get my file. Is there any free software that does the same thing? You know, just exploring my options ...

    Thanks sdrs1086:)

    Personally, I have used Recuva and Glary's recovery. Recuva is good. Install the recovery program and backup recovered files to external media (external hard drives) so you don't over-write any files you are trying to recover.
  3. Disk Digger works for free but you have to click ok on every file you want to recover since its the free version and not the paid version.
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