Ocz3f1600lv4gk motherboard support list

What Intel 1366 socket motherboards will support the OCZ3F1600LV4GK memory moduals?
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  1. Any board that uses DDR3 1600 memory. Which is just about all of them.
  2. clutchc said:
    Any board that uses DDR3 1600 memory. Which is just about all of them.

    I read some where that this memory only supports the i7,i5,i3 1155 sockets and not the 1366 sockets, I thought that RAM is all the same in the DDR3,1600 , and not specific to the intel proccesor socket, and in buying a 1366 motherboard there is little leadway in getting the better RAM listed in the QVL for certain Mfr's due to EOL/no longer available/out of stock issues. And some Mobo's only state 1600 RAM and nothing more, I can only guess that they have no preferances in the 1600 RAM other than going to the Mfr web site to find out.... Am I just crazy or what. your turn!!
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    Back when the 1366 socket was the newest hot item, that was OCZ's ad hype. But the RAM has no special characteristics that would limit it to that motherboard/socket. As with any motherboard, the Memory that makes it on the manufacturesr's QVL is preferable because it has been tested under adverse conditions. However, other RAM will most likely work, but is not garanteed.

    That said, if you are populating all the memory slots with the fastest RAM designed for that board, be aware that there may be issues if the RAM isn't on the QVL. If you already have that RAM, give it a try. If you are just thinking of buying that RAM and it is the max speed the board can handle, you take a tiny risk.
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