SSD for laptop or desktop?

Hi. I have a sandisk SSD and want to install it in my laptop BUT I want the performance on my i5 desktop. I keep reinstalling windows not able to make up my mind and have tried both over and over but the laptop limits the SSD speed. I can save for a 256GB Samsung SSD but it'll take time to sell some things. Which should I install it into permanently? I'm having a really hard time choosing.
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  1. which do you use frequently? which do you think (depending on what you use the desktop/laptop for) will benefit from the ssd more?
    desktops can have multiple hdd's, laptops well you will most likely need external hdd also.

    only you can answer your own question.
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    I think the answer lies in how much time u spend in laptop or desktop...

    If u spend more time in laptop then better put it in laptop since u will using it more (even it limited it still much faster than HDD)

    If u spend more time in desktop, use it on desktop... u will love it snappiness :D...
  3. I use the desktop more than anything. It plays all of my games and everything but the laptop mostly can't. The 500gb HDD the laptop came with had reviews of them dying so that's why I really didn't want to install the HDD. This SSD has 38TB or writes and has been tested, wiped clean and tested again on another PC. Whatever would make it have the least writes would be best 'desktop'.
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