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the white parts of my screen on my IBook G4 just turned cyan when I turned it on today. Tried reboot. Didn['t work. Repaired permissions, checked disk.

based on a similar issue with my Samsung HD TV, I think it is the video card. In my case, the ATI Mobility Radeon 9200.

Should I replace it or is it not worth the expense, or can I replace it with something that will make my little boy happy so he can use my laptop for his homework andn online games sometimes?
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  1. First, make sure it's the video card. Plug in an external monitor the the laptop. If you get the same color issue, it's the video card, if not, it's the screen.

    Second, I really really really doubt that you will be able to just replace the video card in the iBook yourself.

    Either way, screen or video card, the cost to repair it will get you a new Windows-based laptop.
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