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Alright, I have to lower cost of some items to get a 560 Ti and I was wondering if that PSU Cooler Master 460watts would be enough to run a Phenom II x4 955 with 4GB ram, a 560 Ti, 1 HDD if not suggest me something close to 50$ in a Canadian site (on rebate would be even better)
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  1. Tnx for fast respond, but I'm looking at a card that high-end. Something like the 560 Ti or HD 6870 requires only 500watts no?
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  3. It'll be fine for the 560, don't waste your money buying another PSU.
  4. How's that one, it's 80 plus certified Antec Neo 520w :
  5. 400 Watts is enough for a Phenom II with a 560; I know this first hand. I have less amps over my +12V and run more things than the OP.

    Don't waste your money, try putting in the 560 then buy a PSU if necessary.
  6. He has 27 amps over 12V, that's plenty if it's actually pushing anything close to 300W.

    I agree Coolmaster sucks though so you might be right; I would still try before buying a new PSU.
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