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Hello,i have an ACER Aspire x3200 desktop but can not find a graphics card that is any good to fit? suggestions please...it's driving me nuts as the graphics are running on a nvidia 9200 chipset only,ta
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  1. The Acer Aspire x3200 has a very weak 220w PSU. This is your main concern if you decide to upgrade the graphics card on the system. Here are a few you might want to consider:



    The type of cards you are looking for are Low Profile cards. A few cards you should look at is the HD4650 and 9600GT or 9500GT, all in low-profile specs. Here is a pretty decent HD4650, which might even run on your stock PSU:

  2. some people on newegg claim to have put a HD5570 on a 220w power supply but i wouldnt risk it. i am running a 5570 fine on a 250w power supply. the least riskiest card would be the hd5450 which could work on your current power supply and at least be an improvement over the 9200.
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